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Save the Skin

Listen to our CEO Phil Van Horne share his excitement for our First Annual "Save the Skin" Golf and Dinner Fundraiser to support the Melanoma Research Foundation with Tom & Becky on B104.7!

Phil Van Horne
A Sincere "Thank You" From Phil Van Horne

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being a part of the first annual BlueRock Energy “Save the Skin” Golf & Dinner Fundraiser. I appreciate your generosity. As a team, we were able to help support the Melanoma Research Foundation, make a difference, raise awareness and assist in finding a cure for melanoma. This disease takes thousands of lives each year. Early detection was the key to my success, and I encourage all of you to follow the Melanoma Research Foundation motto #GetNaked by checking your skin regularly for any irregularities. I am so grateful for all of the love and support that was given to me this past winter through the spring, and giving back to this foundation is the highest form of reciprocity.

Thank you Beaver Meadows for making this tournament such a success, as well as The Custom Taylor Band, the golfers who were a tremendous support and all of you that took your personal time to volunteer and helped make the day run so smoothly.

I would like to say a very special thank you to Deb Strutz who put in countless hours of work to organize this event, and who made our first annual “Save the Skin” tournament an amazing success! "

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Scramble Winners:

1st Place:

Ross Langevin
Mackenzie Naum
Aaron Schuldt
Brett Robertson

2nd Place:

Mike McNerney
Mark McNerney
Tony Battaglia
Brian Malchak

3rd Place:

Jeff Trubia
Gregg Evans
Chris Anderson
Todd Klaben

Longest Drive:

Men - Ross Langevin
Women - Brittany Aungier


Men - Keith Yeager
Women - Sue Eighmey

Skin's Winners:

Jeff Trubia, Gregg Evans, Chris Anderson, Todd Klaben
Mike Benn, Julie Bell, Peter O’Connor, Bart Murphy
Fred Elderbroom, Jon Collins, Keith Yeager, Sean Delmonico
Mackenzie Naum, Ross Langevin, Aaron Schuldt, Brett Robertson
Fred Miller, Jason Klaben, Sue Eighmey, Jon Verbeck

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