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Save the Skin

Celebrate our 2nd Annual

Golf Tournament & Dinner Fundraiser

Support for the awareness, education and cure for melanoma.

Phil Van Horne

Phil Van Horne is asking you to get involved and make a difference!

On Monday August 10, 2015, Phil would like everyone to join him at his 2nd Annual "Save the Skin" Golf and Dinner Fundraiser at Beaver Meadows Golf Club. This event supports the awareness, education, and cure for Melanoma, a disease that takes thousands of lives each year.

“Early detection was the key to my success, and I encourage everyone to follow the Melanoma Research Foundation motto #GetNaked by checking your skin regularly for any irregularities. I am so grateful for all of the love and support that was given to me through winter and spring of 2014 , and giving back to this cause is the highest form of reciprocity.” – Phil Van Horne

August 10th, 2015

Golf & Dinner Information:

Beaver Meadows Country Club
185 Barnard Road
Phoenix, NY 13135

Captain & Crew
$700 per foursome*
$200 per single*
*includes golf, cart, & dinner

11:30 a.m. Registration
12:30 p.m. Shotgun Start

For additional information, Contact:
Deb Strutz 315.432.4124
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online registration & more information
will be coming soon

Photos From 'Save the Skin' 2014:

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  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin15
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin16
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin19
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin22
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin24
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin25
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin26
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin28
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin30
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin32
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin33
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin34
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin37
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin39
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin44
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin45
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin46
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin48
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin51
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin52
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin54
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin56
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin57
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin58
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin59
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin60
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin61
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin62
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin63
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin64
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin65
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin66
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin67
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin68
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin69
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin70
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin71
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin72
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin73
  • 08-11-2014_Save-The-Skin74