Electric Price Index


Index Price: $.04200

(Syracuse Area)

BlueRock Energy Inc. is pleased to be the only Electric Service Company in the country to publish a daily New York Retail Index. The BlueRock Energy Electric Price Index (EPI) is the Wholesale electricity price index for retail end use customers. The EPI takes into consideration the actual usage pattern of a business customer over a 30 day time period. BlueRock Energy publishes an EPI for each New York Independent System Operator (ISO) Zone in the State of New York. Each EPI is based on a customer located in the ISO Zone associated with its utility.

The underlying formula for the EPI includes the following: Energy (NYISO Day Ahead Locational Based Marginal Prices), Transmission Line Losses, Ancillary charges and Capacity charges associated with each of the following Customer Classes: Residential, Small Commercial, Large Commercial and Lighting Customers for each utility and each zone. The EPI is not intended to be an offer to sell or purchase electricity by BlueRock Energy, Inc. but serves as a reference Index Price for the wholesale price of electricity delivered to the utility within each ISO zone.